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Service Terms

This Service terms are about to use our free url shortener services providing by 1R2.in. The user have to obey and follow the conditions which we mentioned in this page.

Conditions to Follow:

We are providing it for free of cost without any age restriction or country restrictions. So just you need to obey the conditions which we mentioned below:

Before using our free url shortener website tool of 1r2.in , you should make sure that the shorturls which you are going to create is not listed in the following conditions. Don't create the urls which are mentioned with the below conditions:

  • Dont create the URLs which contains the content with Malware, Viruses and Phishing.
  • Don't use our 1R2.in URL Shortener to share the Pornographic, Violent or Sexual Content.
  • Don't use our 1R2.in to create Short URLs for Websites that contains the content like Drugs, Weapons or Violent crimes etc.,
  • Don't use any Content that Violates the Rights of Others.
  • Don't use our 1R2.in Short URL for the content which causes a strong feeling of dislike or disinclination to other users.
  • Don't use our 1R2.in Short Links to Collect Sensitive or Personal informational data from users or other people.
  • Don't use this for using the scripts which uses malicious code, popup windows,double redirects.

Caution: We are going to check each and every link which the user creates. If we found any links which are listed from any of the above mentioned conditions, then those links will be deleted without any notice. Even the URLs which are not getting any kind of clicks for certain time period will also be deleted.