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Privacy Policy -

Your privacy is very much important to us. Here we are going to provide you the information about what kind of data we collect and how will it be used. This site is used to collect the information to analyze and to provide the better experience to the user who are utilizing our Short URL generating tool.

Technologies and Personal Data

Our Website may use the data of the user such as ip address, operating system which they are using, number of visitors using our ShortUrls and also to understand in which way they are using our website tool.

Cookies and advertising network:

We use third-party advertising website codes to place Ads in our Website. So inorder to serve you the better and most relevant ad to you, they will collect some information by using the cookies.

This website may use the google display advertising ads, which uses cookies to collect the information of user preferences and browsing habits. Users can get the most of the information about cookies used by google in their website itself.

Other Information

If you still have any queries related to privacy policy, then just send an email to us: