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URL Shortener Process

Just copy your long URL and place that in the Box which shows you the text "Enter the Link Here" and Click on the "SHORTEN" Button in the right side. Once you click on the Shorten button, your Shorten URL link will appear in the bottom side which includes a QR Code Generator.

Once you saw the Short URL, Just click on the copy button and check it in another tab. Thats it your URL Shortener is ready to serve you to promote your affiliate links or to share the long URL links.

Quick and Very Easy URL Shortener will reduce the length of your url by shortening them. You can minimize the length of long url from Social Media Channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In and also you can utilize this URL Shortener to promote your affiliate links from top online sites like Amazon, FlipKart, Meesho and also from other different platforms.Most of the people use this for Flipkart URL Shorterner / Flipkart Link Shortener.

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The main intention behind providing this tool is to serve the people who are in need of short urls to promote their product consisting of long url. We have seen so many popular websites which used to serve with free of cost for URL Shortening became Paid and some got shutdown their services. So we are here to help those people who are in need of these URL Shortening Services.

Now-a-days most of the E-Commerce portals using long urls, As they have to mention the category and sub-catergory. So our URL Shortener will help them a lot.

Grab this oppurtunity and create Short URL for your promotional links.